Feel More Energized in 1 Minute with this Easy Breathing Exercise

Feel More Energized in 1 Minute with this Easy Breathing Exercise

Sometimes you need an energy boost.

But you probably know that most of the easy options aren’t really good for you.

Caffeine is a Temporary Fix

Coffee, energy drinks, caffeinated soda—they give you a temporary boost, but they stress your system out.

Too much stimulation from caffeine can stress out your adrenal glands, leading to adrenal fatigue and leaving you feeling drained.

Boost Your Energy Naturally

So what are you supposed to do to feel more energized? Well, aside from getting a good night’s sleep and eating healthy food (yes, you can roll your eyes now), there’s an easy way you can help yourself to feel more awake and alert throughout the day.

Right nostril breathing!

When you want to feel more energized

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When Can You Use This?

If you’re meeting with people, you don’t want to be feeling sleepy and yawning. Practice this exercise for a minute or two before a meeting to boost your energy.

If you’re reading a book or notes to study, you might feel like dozing off. But you can do this breathing exercise for a minute to help you stay alert and focused.

You can use right nostril breathing anytime you’re feeling sluggish, and it will help pick your system back up.

What’s really awesome about this practice is: it’s free, you’ll never run out and have to go get more, and you can do it anytime. Amazing.

What Does it Actually Do?

It seems kind of weird that right nostril breathing would work, like this. I don’t know why it does. Who knows?! But anyway, here’s a whole lot of scientific research confirming that it does.

So, some of the effects of practicing this kind of breathing on a regular basis include

  • stimulates nervous system
  • increases body temperature
  • improving digestion

Also, don’t do this exercise if:

  • you feel like you are having to force your breath through either nostril
  • you have a fever
  • you have high blood pressure

Nasal Cycle Connection

Last week we talked about the nasal cycle. That’s the way that your nostrils switch off between which one is getting most of the airflow as you breathe.

This cycle has a significant influence on how we feel. The side of your nose that gets more oxygen determines whether you feel more active or restful.

While you can always do alternate nostril breathing to balance out how you feel, you can use right nostril breathing when you want to feel more energized.

Give it a Try

So, instead of reaching for another coffee or energy drink, try breathing in through your right nostril and out through your left nostril. Does it sound simple? Well it is! Try it for 1-3 minutes.

And if you feel weird about blocking off your nostrils to breathe while in public, go to the bathroom and try it there for a minute.

A Note on Caffeine

Also if you normally drink coffee, surprise surprise, this is not going to be exactly the same.

This breathing exercise is a way to help support your nervous system so that you enter into a more alert state.

Detoxing from caffeine is a whole ‘nother process which you can do, and while right nostril breathing will support you, don’t expect it to be an equivalent replacement.

And I’m not saying you need to stop having caffeine altogether. If it’s working for you and you feel good, then that’s cool, enjoy it. I just wanted to share this breathing exercise with you so that you have something else you can try too.


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