Queering Motivation: 22 Cute Memes to Encourage and Inspire You

Queering Motivation: 22 Cute Memes to Encourage and Inspire You

I don’t know about you, but I love memes.

(Psst: If you just want to get to the memes, keep scrolling)

Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time looking at them, but then one reminds me:

Memes as modern messengers

Why are memes so popular? Why do we love them so much?

Memes act as concentrated stories. In the short time it takes for you to scroll past a meme, you’ve already absorbed its message.

With one image and a few lines of text, a meme can change how you feel.

Maybe it’s how quickly and readily memes can communicate that makes them so effective.

Before we knew memes as the mesmerizing internet images that we think of today, a meme was defined as a unit of cultural information, an idea that could take hold in the minds of many different people.

Now there’s tons of science on modern memes and how they spread, but it really comes down to how we share stories.

Stories shift your state of being

Memes act as bite-sized stories.

Stories focus our attention, stimulate our emotions, teach us lessons, and connect us with other people.

On the spectrum of cultural stories, memes might not seem like they matter much compared to serious literature. But it’s not the medium that matters, it’s the message.

And sometimes memes can help me you to shift your focus and connect to your source of motivation.

Although the stories that memes share are usually pretty silly, they can also be so powerful. Not only do they remind me that I’m an infinite being who’s loved and connected to the universe and doing my best, they also remind me that no matter who you are or what you have going on, that’s true for you too.

  1.                                                               (Inner Cosmos illustration by Yumi Sakugawa)


(You’re doing great, and I love you)

If you’re feeling inspired to do something nice and centering for yourself after reading all of those, try this breathing exercise:


*I found most of these through a meme-sharing Facebook group and a few through Pinterest, and there’s not much attribution to the sources. Some of them are stamped with an artist’s name, but many are not.

Some I specifically searched for from Yumi Sakugawa, and her name is marked on those, except for one where it wasn’t and I noted it below the image.

If you know of any additional attribution that should be given, contact me and I’ll update that.

Also, if you’ve got any cute and wholesome memes you want to send my way, yess, please do!