What’s the Deal With the Newsletter?

What’s the Deal With the Newsletter?

Our main form of connection is through our email newsletter, delivered every week on Sunday.

Type in your email address and you’ll get:

  • simple breathing exercises
  • emotional healing tools
  • guided meditations
  • herbal medicine information
  • food fermentation lessons
  • physical/energetic exercises
  • sexual health and consent guides
  • free or inexpensive DIY ideas
  • easy, healthy, yum recipes
  • magical practices, like astrology, tarot and other woo

presented from a queer perspective with a focus on accessibility and inclusivity*

And if it seems a little desperate with all the asking for your email address, it’s just because that’s our favorite way to connect with you.

Emails don’t have the noise of other social media channels. Each week it’s a letter to you to check in and share some ideas for how we might be able to do a little better for ourselves.

If you want to get in on it too, tell a friend who you think would be in to the info here


*if you ever feel like we could do better to make our writing more accessible or inclusive, please send us a message and let us know

and thank you for your emotional labor in sharing how we can improve here